Product development

The formulation development of dietary supplements is a very complex and demanding process in which people with knowledge and experience are the key. Our product portfolio includes food supplements (capsules with dry extract, soft gel capsules, liquid preparations…), pharmaceutical products (drops, sprays, ointments, gels, syrups, creams…) and cosmetics (wellness cosmetics-massage oils, pilings, anti-cellulite oil, hotel cosmetic – liquid soap, shampoos, shower gels and preparative cosmetics). We are a small company with constant growth, so you can’t expect a revolutionary product from our team that no one has managed to design so far.

But, we can design formulations which are better and more innovative than competing products, taking into account the affordability for a particular market. Our knowledge and experience are gained primarily in foreign markets, and excellent understanding of the domestic market, enable us to make a higher-quality product, better than the competition.

We’ve proven that with our products, haven’t we?